What It’s Like Being “Super” Canadian

My kids sometimes make comments about people, saying they are “super” Canadian.

“See so-and-so. He’s ‘super’ Canadian,” they’ll say.

“What exactly does that mean?” I ask. I figure that since WE are Canadian, we might fall into that category as well.What It's Like Being "Super" Canadian

“Really nice. Too nice. Family and community-oriented. Not hard-core enough. Pathetic at times.”

“Is that how you see yourself?” I’m wondering. It seems like a reasonable question to ask.

“That’s another thing – Canadians care.” It’s my daughter talking. “They want to know how people ‘feel’ about things. And you’ve just proven my point. Sometimes, you just shouldn’t give a shit. See, when I said, ‘Canadians can be kind of pathetic,’ you should’ve just shrugged your shoulders and gone and watched five episodes of Strike Back, picking food out of your teeth with a knife, and farting loudly every now and again.”

“Your father DOES watch that dumb show, and he farts loudly sometimes, but who would be stupid enough to pick food out of their teeth with a knife? If the fact that I care about things, makes me ‘super’ Canadian, than I guess I am. You are too, except when it comes to cleaning up after yourself,” I laugh.

“Ha, ha, ha. You’re funny – not.” My daughter walks out of the room, leaving a banana peel on the counter.

“Hey, I’m not your maid,” I say, picking it up and putting it in the compost bin. Things like that don’t go in the garbage. What? I’m trying to save the planet in every small way I can.

One things for sure, up here in the “Great White North”, we are nothing like Rihanna in her music video “Pour It Up”. I don’t even think Drake or Justin Bieber would go that far. Robin Thicke might, but he’s an anomaly.

Truly Canadian piece of advice: money will never be that important.

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