Celebrities Being Eaten By Sharks

If I had my way, this is what I’d like to see on Shark Week. And don’t send me any hate mail. First of all, Kim’s HAD the baby. Little North – or is it East? – wouldn’t be in any danger. And I’m not saying that I want poor Kim to get eaten exactly – even though it looks like it – I just want her hair and make-up to get really messed up. No one should look that good all the time. It’s fucking annoying.Celebrities Being Eaten By Sharks | TheFurFiles

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For fun – because this is the kind of stuff we do around our house – I asked each member of my family to come up with a caption for this picture. Not everyone (my daughter) was so eager to contribute. See if you can guess who thought up what. I’ll tell you the answers at the end.







Answer: husband, daughter, older son, younger son, me, and me again.