6 Good Things Your Messy House Says About You

When I was a young adult – when my kids were little, before they’d started taking over to the point that I just couldn’t keep up – I was a cleaning fanatic. Nothing could be out of place. I’d run around 24/7 vacuuming this, sweeping and wiping that. Then one afternoon, my friend Paula said to me, “When I die, I don’t want anyone to say that I ‘kept a good house’.”

Her words really hit home. I realized then that I’d been spending a whole lot of time trying to make my world perfect, like who really gives a crap? That day, I changed. (OK, I still vacuum quite frequently.)

Seriously, as long as I’m not as bad as those hoarder people, what difference does it make? I have better things to do.

Et voilĂ , this list was born…


And yes, I CAN rationalize anything.

Now leave that dust behind your bathroom door alone. It’s not hurting anybody. Go and dance around your living room for an hour or two. Here, let me help you…