The Great Divide Of Male/Female Movie Selection

The Great Divide Of Male/Female Movie Selection | TheFurFiles

My oldest son’s girlfriend was over last night, and they were trying to pick a movie to watch. I dare say that the conversation that took place has been repeated throughout history (in some form or another) many, many, MANY times before.

“OK, so what do you want to watch?” My son had the flicker – typical male – and was scanning the choices. “How about Wolverine? Or Star Trek? Or Superman? Or I’d even watch The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp?”

“I refuse to watch anything that has superheroes.” My son’s girlfriend is smart and very strong-willed. She knows what she wants – no capes and/or hands with claws for fingers apparently.

“Not even Superman? I thought all women thought that guy was hot?”

“I also don’t pick movies based on it including hot people,” she answered back. In my opinion, that was probably a lie. I think she just had her mind set on something else. “I only want to watch Girls.” Ah, the truth came out.

“That’s not even a movie. That’s a stupid show.” My son was having none of it. “How about Machete Kills then?” As if she would’ve gone for that. I think he was getting desperate though, and in getting desperate, he was spouting foolishness.

“I don’t want to watch anything that involves guns, knives, car chases, bombs, etc. etc. You figure it out, but it better be Girls.”

It was then and there that all the males in the room would be compromising, and no females would be compromising whatsoever.

“You guys are going to end up watching the One Direction movie if you are not careful. And none of us want that,” I called from the kitchen. We’d already seen it – sadly. My daughter forced us to watch it a few weeks earlier. It was bad the first time.



“Whatever. Girls it is,” said my son, downtrodden. “But next time, it’ll be my turn, and you’d better prepare yourself for some major explosions, maybe even some zombies.”

“That’s OK, I’ll just fall asleep,” she laughed, the intro music for Girls coming on.

And I thought to myself, She’s smart. She’s getting the hang of it already.


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